LSA- recycled glass tumbler- kitchenware- glasses- tableware
LSA- recycled glass tumbler- kitchenware- glasses- tableware

Canopy — set of 4 recycled beer glasses — 520ml

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The Canopy glassware range by LSA is centred around the concept of hydration and propagation. Sustainably manufactured, the collection was launched in collaboration with the Eden Project. Canopy was winner of a prestigious iF Design Award in 2019.

This set of 4 beer glasses have a subtly domed base, inspired by the Eden Project’s biospheres. Mouth-blown from recycled glass, locally-sourced clear jars and bottles are sorted, crushed and heated in the furnace until molten. The skilled glassblower gathers, shapes and then blows the molten glass into a mould to form the tumbler. Air bubbles will occur as part of this 100% recycled and handmade process.

Due to their handmade nature, the size of these items may vary slightly.

Sizes available
16.5cm H x 7cm W – 520ml

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