Refillable hand sanitiser dispenser

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This neat refillable hand sanitiser dispenser by Soapstone is the sustainable way to keep germ free.

Made from aluminium, the dispenser comes with a handy loop that can be attached to your belt, bag, keyring, or just slip it into your pocket and take it with you throughout the day. 

Dispensing sanitiser onto your hands at the press of a button, the dispenser can be rubbed like a bar of soap to disinfect both hands and the product simultaneously or used to spray sanitiser directly onto your palms. 

Fill your dispenser with your choice of hand sanitiser, from liquids to gels or even soaps. A stylish, convenient and sustainable upgrade to plastic packaged sanitiser. 

Dimensions: 29mm D x 88mm H, 8ml.

Pair with a bottle of Soapstone hand sanitiser. It comes in 200ml bottles (enough to fill Soapstone 25 times and produce 1,125 measures)