Fat Macy’s

Fat Macy’s is a social enterprise who provide skills-based training for young Londoners living in temporary accommodation.⁠

We worked closely with the Fat Macy's team to create 10 bespoke dining tables made from reclaimed teak, for their new cafe and deli, Ebury Restaurant. Combining elegant design and traditional joinery with quality reclaimed materials, we delivered timeless pieces built to last.

A new life for reclaimed materials

Saving beautiful materials from landfill is what we do best! Starting life as lab workbenches, this stunning reclaimed teak was kindly donated by Imperial College London, ready to be given a new lease of life by our artisans.

Salvaged teak in Goldfinger's wood workshop.
Close up of traditional joinery on tables at Fat Macy’s

Traditional Joinery

Our artisans crafted each table by hand, using traditional joinery techniques. Each leg slots into the tabletop creating a tight 'interference fit' that is held together by friction, creating an exquisite design detail, with no need for glues or metal fastenings.

Planet positive

In using reclaimed material, instead of virgin material, we saved 37kg CO2e. Plus, we saved the emissions it would cost to process the waste in landfill.

“Goldfinger really understood what we wanted, our budget, what was important to us, and designed a beautiful table to the perfect spec. They delivered excellent service from conception to delivery. Beautiful tables with beautiful impact!”

Meg Doherty, Founder of Fat Macy’s
London, UK

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