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We’re proud to be an award-winning social enterprise and we’re showing the world that bespoke furniture, can and should be, planet and people positive.

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Our manifesto

From tree to table

Our future depends on trees.
Use wood thoughtfully.
Your table was once a tree.
Some day it could be something else.

Make sure your wood hasn’t travelled too far.
Reuse where possible.
Demand that it’s sustainably grown.

Buy less. Use your hands more.
Question how things are made, and what they are made from.
Learn how to make something — it's revolutionary.

Invest in the traditions of craftsmanship.
Good design, made well, lasts longer.

Invite others to your table.
Enduring beauty is meant to be shared.
Create spaces that feed the soul.

Let’s reset our relationship to the living world.
Our everyday choices have power.
Choose as if all life depends on it.

The Goldfinger story

Design and sustainability pioneers Marie Cudennec Carlisle and Oliver Waddington-Ball opened the doors to Goldfinger at the foot of Trellick Tower in 2013. Named after renowned architect Ernö Goldfinger — the design master behind our Grade II listed Brutalist home — we take its literal meaning as guiding inspiration: the material we touch, we turn to gold.

What we do

Bespoke furniture

Our North Kensington wood and joinery workshop is the lifeblood of our enterprise. Here, we design and craft bespoke furniture and homeware for residential homes and many London businesses;from hotels to cafés, shops to offices. Many of our design classics are available to purchase from our online shop too.

Goldfinger Bespoke

Goldfinger Academy

We teach marginalised young people the art of woodworking through our apprenticeship programme, so they can progress into meaningful work. We also offer public craft workshops - with free spaces offered to local residents on low income - plus corporate away-days for you and your team, designed to enhance wellbeing and celebrate the joy of making.

Goldfinger Academy

People's Kitchen

We're taking direct action and tackling food waste and social isolation through our charitable initiative, People's Kitchen. Every third Sunday of the month, we cook and deliver restaurant-quality meals (made from surplus food) to vulnerable residents in the local community, supported by our dedicated volunteers.

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Our sponsors and partners

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