Solus Ceramics, Clerkenwell

We were commissioned to design a multi-purpose meeting and dining table for Solus Ceramics’ newly redesigned showroom.

Located in the heart of London’s Design District, Solus has reimagined their Clerkenwell home as a space to tell stories, nourish communities, and foster creativity, designed by architects Simon Astridge and Szczepaniak-Teh.

What we made

We created a 3-metre long display table, featuring a seamlessly nested pull-out panel that almost doubles the length of the piece. The table serves as a contemporary yet flexible centrepiece for Solus' public showroom and events space.

Versatile by design

This versatile table is designed to be used for a variety of purposes, from hosting talks, presentations, workshops and screenings, to sharing meals and intimate get-togethers. A natural hub for gatherings, this piece facilitates collaboration and conviviality throughout the day and into Solus’ evening events.

Made in London

Crafted from locally-sourced ash by our in-house artisan makers, this piece celebrates the beauty of British materials, embodying Solus' values of sustainability and innovation.

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