Pembridge Mews

In 2020, we were commissioned to create a truly unique bespoke set of furniture for a beautiful home in Notting Hill.

We worked closely with our clients to design a furniture set which added soul to their space, handcrafted by our artisans from reclaimed and British-grown oak.

Inspired by Japan

The pieces included a Japanese-inspired bespoke shelving unit with hardware-free sliding doors and built-in storage, a solid oak dining table and matching bench-set.

Meticulously hand-finished

The benches were finished with Shihosori Kanna, a Japanese plane which creates subtle grooves on the wood's surface, which are only perceptible by touch.

Sustainable materials

The table and benches were crafted from solid reclaimed British oak, while the bookshelf was a combination of the same reclaimed oak and sustainably-sourced birch ply.

“It’s one of the rare places in London where you work directly with the artisans, where you can understand the upstream of a product. The benches and table have soul within our house. It’s not something we could have gotten anywhere else. It’s really cool to bring that sense of community to London.”

Frederic, residential client
London, UK

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