Food as a Force for Good

As we head into Winter, the Covid-19 crisis continues to cause isolation and food shortages and to impact mental health. Looking out for one another has never been more important, and this is why we are committed to continue providing our meal delivery service to vulnerable residents in our local community through our People's Kitchen: To Your Door initiative. 

We caught up with Taggstar CEO, Marjorie Leonidas, to find out why she chose to sponsor the People's Kitchen: To Your Door and believes businesses should play their part in supporting their local communities. 


What first attracted Taggstar to Goldfinger?

I love Goldfinger's approach to design and sustainability and the way it contributes to the local economy. They have some fabulous initiatives such as reusing the wood from local plane trees and turning it into beautiful furniture.

We share a common interest in retail and sustainability and we also share a number of customers, such as John Lewis. 

Through this relationship we became aware of the People’s Kitchen: To Your Door service and felt it was a brilliant and practical way to help local people.

Why did you want to help?

Over the past six months, I’ve been humbled to see how individuals, community groups and businesses have been so innovative, so active, in finding ways to make other people’s lives a little bit easier. 

I’m Californian but have lived in London for 22 years. I really, really love this city and I was passionate about doing something tangible to help during the crisis. I think we all wanted to help out in some way and I think everybody can do something however small.

Supporting the People’s Kitchen was a great opportunity to volunteer both as a business and personally.

How did you find the experience of volunteering with People’s Kitchen:  To Your Door during the pandemic?

I was a little bit apprehensive at first, wondering what it would be like, but it is great to push personal boundaries and be more empathetic to how others are coping. 

It helped me to be more understanding of what people’s personal circumstances were during the pandemic and how important social connection is to those who fall into the ‘vulnerable and at risk’ category.  

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would recommend others getting involved and supporting where they can. 

You have supported many local organisations in the past including the new wellbeing suite for NHS workers at Guy's and St Thomas' hospital, why do you think it important as a business to give back to the community? 

Yes, I think every successful business has a responsibility to give back. 

The crisis has reminded us all how much we owe to all those people working behind the scenes, from bus drivers to supermarket workers and of course, the NHS. They are all part of the wider community who deserve to share in our success.

I have a personal connection to Guys & St Thomas’ Hospital as I have been treated there for 18 years and I asked my doctor how we could best help. It turned out that there was a new Wellness Zone set up within the hospital for NHS staff for them to take a break and connect with each other.

As a small ‘thank you’ from Taggstar, I tracked down 1000 luxury Prestat chocolate bars and got them delivered in time for Easter. It’s a small thing but lots of small things add up to a big wave of spreading kindness.

What would you say to encourage other businesses to follow your example and sponsor events like People’s Kitchen: To Your Door?

I think every business must make its own decisions about community action and sponsorship, in line with its values and passions. But if you think that sharing amazing Sicilian food with vulnerable people in North West London is a good fit, then People’s Kitchen: To Your Door is a great choice!


We would like to thank Marjorie and Taggstar for their generosity in sponsoring People’s Kitchen and for their time volunteering in the community to help bring some joy to vulnerable residents in North Kensington.

We remain committed to providing an ongoing home delivery service to residents facing continued isolation. In order to do this, we need to raise £10k before the end of the year to continue running this service throughout the winter. 

If you would like to donate a meal via People’s Kitchen: To Your Door to someone in need, you can do so via our online shop. Or if your business is interested in sponsoring a service, get in touch via