Meet the Maker: June in March

(Emily Baylis, founder of June in March, in her West London studio)

For a special Valentine’s edition of Meet the Maker we spoke to floral artist Emily Baylis and founder of June in March, who is on a mission to bring a touch of nature to our homes with her beautiful blooms.

Based in London and Paris, June in March is a floral and interior design studio with a focus on sustainability and an ethos rooted in a respect for and love of nature.

Helping us celebrate Valentine’s this year, June in March has created an exclusive collection of bouquets for Goldfinger, including fresh or preserved blooms that will last forever.

We’ve paired each bouquet with an handcrafted Eden vase, by homeware brand LSA International. Mouth-blown from recycled glass, LSA’s Eden range is inspired by the Eden project’s biospheres, perfectly complementing June in March’s hand-tied arrangements and organic ethos.

From stunning, wild arrangements to vast interior installations, June in March has created displays for the likes of the Venice Biennale and Sicilian restaurant chain Big Mamma Group, known for their abundant floral interiors.

We caught up with Emily to find out what inspires her and how she strives to combine nature and the urban experience in her work.

  (From Left: Big Love Bouquet and Vase - Poppies, Mimosa, Lilac, Anemones and Delphinium, Love Bouquet and Vase - Wax flowers, Lilac, Spray roses, Tulips, Anemones and Delphinium)

If you had to sum up June in March in one, core purpose, what would it be?

Inspired by nature and the constantly evolving seasons to combine colours and textures, June in March’s work is motivated by a passion for the botanical world, an intense respect for nature and its wild abundance, as well as the desire to give floral design a lasting identity and imprint. 

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given? 

To always trust your instincts in business, design and emotion. 

What piece of work are you most proud of and why?

The commission for the Venice Biennale was very special to me.

All of the events I work on become very special to me and I’m committed to turning down projects if I don’t feel inspired by the brief. I always want to love my work. But it’s hard to say which one was more special. It is not only the piece of work that is important, but the relationship you build with clients, freelancers and the feel of the place in which we work. It doesn’t have to be grand to be special. 

What 3 things are always close to hand when you're creating in the studio?

Sketchbook, scissors, wine and flowers, of course! 

What music are you playing in the studio when you're creating?

The list is long and quite eclectic! From French electro to opera and the 80's.  

All of us at the June in March studio had a previous life in music. Steve was a performer and musician in the past and I used to create live music shows in Asia. We dance with our flowers.

If you could learn a new craft, what would you choose?

Making wine! I would love to move to Italy and learn the craft. 

What is an innovation, change or design which inspired/excited you most recently?

How more people and organisations are working towards a more sustainable approach. From schools, to shops and even museums I see examples of people trying better to make sure we preserve nature, the environment and the legacy we will leave behind us. 

What is your vision for "June in March”?

To continue my dialogue between nature and the urban experience. Working hand in hand with designers and architects to always make sure nature isn’t forgotten in the process of building.

(From Left: June in March X Goldfinger collection, Eternal Love Bouquet and Vase- Roses, dried Delphiniums, Ruscus and Peacock feathers)