Luxury eco candle – Warm Wood

Luxury eco candle – Warm Wood

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Smells like: the aromatic dry heat of a wooden Swedish sauna, cleansing both body and mind.

Musky, earthy, warm, the sappy smell of the juniper tree is juxtaposed by the mellow depth of the bergamot, with a clean top note of lemon cutting through the density. Fresh and light.

These non-toxic, natural candles have been handcrafted by people that struggle to access mainstream education or employment.

The essential oil blends are carefully selected to create a calming state of mind. For best results, we recommend initially burning your candle until the top completely melts and trimming your wick once cooled to approximately 1cm. Burn time is approximately 45 hours.

This candle collection offers an opportunity to slow down and cherish the beauty of the natural world.

Rapeseed wax | Scented with 100% essential oils | Reusable Jar | 200g

Phthalate, paraben and GMO free | Cruelty free | Vegan | No Palm Oil 

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