Katie Treggiden- wasted-book
Katie Treggiden- wasted-book
Katie Treggiden- wasted-book
Katie Treggiden- wasted-book

Wasted: When Trash Becomes Treasure by Katie Treggiden

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We live in the age of the Anthropocene; human activity is the dominant force affecting the climate and man-made and organic materials are becoming irreversibly intertwined. As natural resources dwindle, designers are exploring the potential of increasingly plentiful waste streams to become the raw materials of the future.

Wasted. When trash becomes treasure celebrates 30 optimistic and enterprising designers, makers and manufacturers who use waste as their primary resource, offering a rare glimpse into the embryonic world they inhabit. Accompanying these profiles, five in-depth and thematic essays will explore the societal, cultural and environmental implications of their work.

Katie Treggiden is a craft and design journalist with almost 20 years of experience in the creative industries. She regularly contributes to publications such as The Guardian, Crafts Magazine, and Design Milk. This is her fifth book and third for Ludion, after the success of Urban Potters (2017) and Weaving (2018). She has a Masters in the History of Design from the University of Oxford.

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