kate sellers- ceramics- handmade
kate sellers- ceramics- handmade

Limited edition face plate - blue

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This charming small-batch pottery collection is handmade in the Kent countryside by artist and ceramicist Kate Sellers. 

Created by Kate in her peaceful home studio, each one of a kind piece is hand thrown in white stoneware clay with a matt white glaze. Her playful, fluid designs are hand-painted in Cobalt oxide and Black stain.

To complement the matt white pieces, Kate has also created a range of black clay pieces which she has chosen to leave raw for an exciting contrast.

Dimensions: approx 1 cm H x 23 cm D

Care: Whilst pieces are dishwasher safe this will shorten their lifespan, so we recommend washing by hand to take the best care of your items. We also advise minimising the use of acidic foods or cleaning solutions on the items as it will break down the glaze over time.

Please note: given the handmade nature of ceramics, there may be slight colour, tone and design variations in the fired clay piece. 

Meet the Maker in our interview with Kate Sellers here.

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